DD Turpentine Oil

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The company is the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of DD Turpentine Oil The DD Turpentine Oils are widely used in the industrial sectors like chemical, medical and pharmaceutical sectors for applications like thinning oil-based paints and making varnishes.

Dipentene Hydrocarbon

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The company is a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of Dipentene Hydrocarbon The Dipentene Hydrocarbon is colorless and found in liquid form at room temperatures. The Dipentene Hydrocarbon is known for its long lasting fragrance and chemical compatibility and has non-reactive properties..

White Phenyl Concentrate

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We are known as Manufacturer and Supplier of White Phenyl Concentrate The White Phenyl Concentrate is for external use only and is obtained by adding 15 liters of water to 1 liter of concentrated phenyl


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The company has established itself as a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Longifolene The Longifolene, offered by the company, is made using the best quality raw materials. The company offers the Longifolene at the market leading prices on a timely basis.


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We have come up as Manufacturer and Supplier of Terpineol The aromatic Terpineol is a naturally occurring mono-terpene alcohol, which is isolated from terpenes during production.


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The company has established itself as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Ketones based The Ketones, offered by the company, are quality products made using the best grade raw materials. The Ketones are widely used in the industrial sector and can be availed at the best prices, with the timely delivery being ensured.

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